Pentax K100D

Announced May 22, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | APS-C sensor
dholl didn't convince me. Away from the big 3 of Oly & Canikon I would recommend the Konica Minolta 5D over this Pentax. The Pentax's images are fairly average, with uninspiring low-light performance. A cartoony smear spoils non-daylight images (the NR algorithms are at fault here). The camera also feels cheap...perhaps the cheapest-feel construction from over a dozen DSLR's I've used.

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Ive bought 3 of these. One refurb from a shop online, it was broke, had black dots on screen, possibly dust. sent it back. I then went and bought a new one from jessops, guess what? It had a black blob on all images. So they replaced it easily enough. Guess what? The new camera has a new black line across the top this time with another below. Ive bought this camera 3 times that means in the uk, twice new and from 2 different places across the country. I would seriously beware of this camera ...

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It would be good camera for the value. But I had a problem with viewfinder alignement with senzor. It was inclined by 1 degree according to horizont. Problem is discussed in Pentax SLR forum with pictures here on dpreview. name of the thread "Pentax K100D chip aligment problem." As for good. Was very satisfied with camera operation, focusing, construction except that unaceptable issue with viewfinder. For me it was user friendly eassy to use. Kit lens has non rotating front element and metal ...

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