Pentax K100D

Announced May 22, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | APS-C sensor
Patrick Medina

Great camera. The SR system does make miracles. It's very kind from pentax to offer the SR system in the senson some how we can keep using the old 1970 all manual K mount lens with SR, manual focus confirm and camera photometer. The AF motor is fast. The LCD is big and good. The noise level at high iso is low as in all others Pentax DSLRs, at the level of top cameras. Problems: Only 3 RAW or 5 JPEG frames before the buffer gets full :( May be a problem if you are a sports photographer or ...

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Martin Stein

I have my new K100D for two weeks now after several years with a Canon G3. I bought the camera because * anti-shake technology * can use old K-mount lenses I find that my old lenses do work. The only unexpected drawback here is that in order to get an exposure reading you have to press the AE-L button. The other minus is that the buffer is not that great so you get 3 or 5 fast shots in RAW and JPEG modes respectively and then things slow way down. The build is very nice, the screen is clear ...

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I use two Nikon D200 cameras at work. One with a 17-55 F2.8 and the other with an 85mm F1.8 prime. And at home I have a pair of Nikon D50's and love to shoot low light. I purchased a Pentax K100 and 31mm F1.8 Limited as a city/travel camera just for the heck of it and to possibly give as a gift to my neighbor. This camera is so good im keeping it. The K100 is $569 from and is a bargin - the AntiShake (though its tough to tell its working) almost insures that all your shots will ...

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Picked this over the new Sony DSLR-A100, primarily for its image quality. It was a gift for my mother, who I upgraded from a Panasonic DMC-FZ5. Built-in image stabilization was one criteria, but the main thing was great color saturation and contrast straight from the camera. The initial (unedited) pictures are incredible and more reminiscent of mine after I have edited in Photoshop with fancy add-ons. See examples at:

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Great little camera ;-) - The SR works VERY well, great with my F*300mm, easily 3 stops advantage.. A worthwhile advantage over my DS and D.. And it works on all lenses for the newest to even the oldest manual lenses.. - Nice big clear LCD with good viewing angle. - 6MP, for me is plenty I have no real desire for more and it keeps the file sizes and price down. - Pentamirror, I thought this would be a problem but it is nice and bright and clear. Not as big as the D/DS but not as small as the ...

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