Pentax *ist DS2

Announced Aug 22, 2005 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | APS-C sensor

First digital SLR camera for me. A pleasure to use my older Pentax lenses on it (yes, it works perfectly, even with manual lenses). There are 3 very similar models in the current Pentax line-up (DS, DS2, DL) maybe you are reading this to know what are the differences between them. Basically, the DS2 and DL have a new, larger LCD screen than the DS. However, the DL has a viewfinder of a lesser quality and don't have the 11 points focus system (which might not be a big issue if you're use to a ...

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This little camera is great- it feels rugged and sturdy when you first pick it up- inspiring confidence- and it's so easy to use that you can start taking great pictures within minutes once you get the hang of things. The buttons are placed just where they need to be (on both sides of the LCD so you can use both thumbs) and the menus are easy to navigate and intuitive. I recommend this camera if you already have a Pentax outfit- that's what I did and I'm able to use almost all my stuff, ...

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Joe Ogiba

After four P&S DC's this is my first D SLR and it works great with the Pentax lenses I have for my PZ-1p and other Pentax SLR's. My first film SLR was the Canon Pellix QL in 1966 but I switched to Pentax after purchasing my first Pentax 6x7 in 1974 and have used Pentax 35mm and 6x7 film cameras ever since. I tried the FA 50mm f1.4, Sigma AF 15mm f2.8 and Tamron AF 28-300 so far and they work perfect with the new *ist DS2. I used the Sandisk 1GB Extreme III SD card that is rated at 20mb/sec ...

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