Pentax *ist DS

Announced Sep 13, 2004 •
6 megapixels | 2 screen | APS-C sensor
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By: yudi (Sep 6, 2014)
Posted to: Pentax SLR Talk
I usually shoot with M mode by setting the exposure according to the position of EV bar in OVF. And I used to having the EV bar at -1 (under exposure), and Auto EV Compensation OFF. Everything was OK until one day of last month, when I found the LCD on my K5-IIs was so bright that it washed out the whole image, if I do Live View, Instant Review and Playback the images I am taking. Then I adjusted the LCD Display Settings to Brightness -3, Contrast +3. The Playback of images is acceptable now,...
Hi everybody (that owns this lens)... I am wondering if my lens needs repair or service. I havent used the FA* 300mm f4.5 lens in a while, but used it on a K-30 last weekend. And it was annoyingly "jittery". I mean the camera would "change its mind" on where to lock focus very often (fractions of seconds). Sometimes it would not settle at all. This was very small increments - not hunting between close and infinity focus lock. It was so bad that I missed quite a few shots. More...
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