Pentax smc DA 40mm F2.8 Limited

Announced Dec 15, 2004 •
Prime lens | Pentax KAF | 21550

I found it very hard to give this lens a star rating, which is why I've been compelled to write my first ever review.  I feel I need to explain why I've given it less than it possibly deserves. I've now owned three of these and all had to be replaced/refunded by the supplier due to a variety of issues including literally falling to pieces in my hand (whilst mounted on camera which was in turn mounted on a sturdy tripod during a very low stress photo shoot).  Eventually I gave up and replaced ...

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I love this lens for being so small. Walking around, the people will not even notice when photographed. The bad side is the strong spherical projection. Sometimes it does not matter, however, for landscape and buildings with a more flat appearance this lens delivers pictures not so good as should be.

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This is slightly frustrating lens. It is pretty sharp & has classic Pentax saturation but what sets it apart is it's size. Even with a slim-line filter & the hood attached the camera slips into a small camcorder bag, plus it doesn't seem to intimidate & people usually don't mind when I take candid shots in public. What frustrates is that it's just a bit too long to be a normal prime. It's optical design was takes from a film era 40mm, Pentax were too lazy/cheap to transform it for APS ...

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This is possibly a must lens for all Pentax users. Why? Well to start it is tiny. A true pancake lens, so a major talking point. Does this mean it compromises in image quality? Not a bit of it. This lens is one of the sharpest lenses out there, a true addition to what Pentax are really good at, and that is small powerful primes that provide excellent image quality and rendition that in the real world give you shots that you go WOW! When used on APS-C cameras, that angle of view is akin to a ...

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I bought this product because it´s price and aperture point. A 35mm lens allow you to make photos in the same size eyes see. With 40mm allow you to zoom in just a bit and this makes that photo doesn´t change in composition but in focusing the motive. Positive things are the acurate focus, and extremely fast movement. The hood comes with objective, it is metall made. There is a screw cap in front-front, pretty small, that screws into the hood, and another screw that is the hood 49mm screew for ...

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