Pentax smc DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited

Announced Jan 23, 2008 •
Macro prime lens | Pentax KAF | 21450

It is an excellent macro lens, close to 50 mm (35mm equivalent). Sharp, sharp, sharp. Colors are great, distortions are minimal, some chromatic aberrations (mostly wide open). "Limited" build quality - this is Pentax stronghold. Fine craft, beautiful finished - the beauty does not come cheap. Nor it should! I hoped to be also a suitable all around lens - 50 equivalent - but it isn't. Clearly optimized for macro and close-focus, subjects at greater distances - 10 meters and beyond are not ...

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I sold this lens once, and rebought it again recently. It has always been the lens I recommended to people, however, when asked what lens they should buy for general purpose shooting and basically I've just gone and taken my own advice. Rather than wade through the pros/cons, I'll just say that this is a nice lens. Well built, well featured, and well balanced on the K-3/5/7 dSLRs. If the idea of having macro on your standard AF walkaround is appealing to you, this is definitely a shortlist item.

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One of the sharpest lenses I've ever used. Great colors, super versatile, no distortion that I can see, no CR, beautiful rendering, top-notch build quality. Has a nice heft to it--similar to my old K-mount 50mm f1.4. Its only drawback is occasional focus hunting/racking in low light on my K-5. Other than that, it's a great "standard" prime lens.

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