Pentax Optio Z10

Announced Aug 23, 2007 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 266 mm (7×)

This camera is one of the few P&S cameras that sports a longer than usual 7x optical zoom within the body of the camera rather than extending outside of it. Image quality outside is decent when used at ISO 64 and 100. Indoor flash pictures are good as long as you shoot from ISO 64-200. Above that, noise is quite apparent. There are the usual preprogrammed scene functions for different shooting conditions, including a novel digital wide shot that allows you to shoot two vertically held ...

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The Z10 is very easy to use, with animated menus and help features. It is small, big LCD and the on-off swich is nice. The x7 inside zoom attracted me to buy it, and it is neat and cool to operate. Outdoors pics are great, especially for its size. Yet, indoors w/flash images are BAD. worse than a cell phone built in camera. Problems: Poor quality of indoors w/flash

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Handling: Great menus (even more ergonomic than Casio) and access to camera settings (excluding T/A/M priotity) considering a small number of control buttons. AUTO ISO range can be set. Genious widephoto-mode, triggered by zoom lever. Missing a _functional_ shake reduction system, video stabilisation is good, zooming and taking photo during video is a great feature. IQ: Compared to Casio V7, much better sharpness at 7x zoom, although it seems the optics are the same. Color reproduction/WB is ...

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