Pentax Optio W90

Announced Feb 24, 2010 •
12 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)

Overall I really enjoy this camera. I love the timelapse, the incamera panorama. P mode is great for taking quick shots- except under incandesant light and the very similar floresants- where no white balance preset is right and there's no way to adjust it. I like the customizableness that allows me to change vital parameters easily (with one hand as I ride down the road on my bicycle). The Customer service is good too as mine leaked- I shut if off before the water destroyed it, dried it ...

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Eugene B

I selected the Pentax WR90 over other cameras in the class for the following reasons ( 1- Slim design to fit in shirt and side leg pockets. 2- Pentax reputation for solid construction. (I used to repair cameras and found Pentax to have superior construction to Cannon.) 3- Recessed shutter and power button for ease of sliding in and out of pockets. 4- Centered lens (keeps fingers out of the frame) 5- 1 cm macro capability 6- SD card The ...

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Solid, well built and easy to use. I take my W90 when shooting in wet and extreme weather conditions. The digital microscope mode is a nice feature. It activates three LED lights around the lens to produce a macro lighting effect and delivers clean, crisp 1920 x 1080 images. The IQ is acceptable but should not be compared to a P&S camera with a larger sensor. The noise level is noticable when shooting above ISO 200 but understanding it's limiitations, I'm still pleased with the overall ...

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Had the camera for a couple of days. What i like: Very solid feeling camera. Very rugged. Interface is very good. Half pressing the shutter will get you out any menu or playback mode into a shooting ready mode. I love the built in intervalometer mode. W90 does an excellent job with macro photography. Nice wide angle image quality. Tons of great features. Green shortcut button is very handy. A grat camera for those days where you don't know what you may run into. (rain, snow, mudslide, apocolypse)

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