Pentax Optio W60

Announced May 23, 2008 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)
Patrick Watson

Sorry thought it was W80 For the price at $180.00 from adorama it is a great camera. Very clear images at low ISO, video is OK but not great but when you factor you can use it in any weather condition it is a very good value. Has intervalometer built in for both still and video worth the price of camera alone. Size is great. Also Pentax gives you a great printed manual! Problems: Read the manual and work in lower ISOs and you will be fine.

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I bought this camera for my sister last year. In pink it is surprisingly pretty digicam. I was surprised to see that the image quality is not much worse than what I get with my higher specified Canon S80 comact camera. Very good for compact in this category - even relatively high ISO images looked good. Operating speed is good as well. Great camera for outdoor sports or documentation of your home aquarium. Problems: Battery liife could be longer, HD video only 15fps - but these were addressed ...

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Image quality wa sbetter than my Panasonic FX01 downsampled to 6MP. This camera also has a myriad of features, options and customisation usually found on $500 compacts, it really is way more than a "point and shoot" if you want it to be. Sadly the movie quality is atrocious. The video is washed out and lifeless with ultra dull colours, highlights blown to smitherines ...... just awful. I use my compact as a glorified video camera to record vacations and the like, something my FX01 does a ...

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Wm. L.

I support technology and a photo studio so my review is influenced by using and setup of many cameras. This camera is great for its intended purposes sitting with some Olympus model as water and freeze resistant, but having the edge if you value form factor, video and price. Users may be disappointed if they judge image quality against models at same price without the water resistant design. It's a shut up and buy it camera if wide angle, zoom, small, light and resistance to the elements are ...

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Great for kayaking! Slim, easy to use, fits in a pocket, excellent image quality. Just what I was looking for! Allowed me to create wonderful images at a sea kayaking workshop that I would not have otherwise been able to do - see my image gallery at Have also found the true macro feature very helpful on other assignments, as well. Love being able to turn off the flash and have the setting "stick" so it never comes on. Problems: Battery life could be better - ...

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W60 is a fine little camera with convenient zoom range and satisfactory image quality. Images are better than with other P&S cameras at elevated sensitivity. Macro is just short of excellent and after using it for more than 3-4 hours underwater it has shown no stress at all. Mind you that although optical zooming can be used during movie taking it’s very noisy. In addition with the choice of continuous focusing on, a rattling noise is also recorded. There is also a minor issue of noise even ...

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Upgraded from the W30. It is a brand new looking camera with 5x optical zoom, all packed in a little water proof body. I really like the smile shutter, the very responsive face detection functions. There is also a dedicated button for them. Screen is still of the same size, but much higher in pixel count. I was amazed by how light and little it is. The 28mm wide angle is certainly a bonus and one of the many reasons why I could not wait to own one. Over, I think the overall ...

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