Pentax Optio P80

Announced Aug 5, 2009 •
12 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 28 – 110 mm (4×)

Small snagless pocket camera thats noticeably better in every respect than my previous Pentax touch screen compact. Full auto mode uses flash intelligently but low flash power limits its usefulness to about eight feet. Sensitivity noise is exaggerated by the temptation to zoom in on the large 12MP images. Use the picture mode menu to get a usable picture every time. Good battery life. Has programmable hot button and an audio recorder mode. Problems: None after one month.

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Re: construction:The camera is rock solid but I've deducted .5 point because of the battery/SD card compartment door. It has come off "track" twice in the ~50 times I've opened it. Re: Ease of use: Once you have waded through the 244-page manual and memorized most of what you need to know (there is a lot), then gotten used to its small size, it is easy to use. I bought it to take with me when I didn't, or couldn't, take my Pentax K20D with me. I had to read and reread the P80's manual much ...

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I bought this for a girl friend, and was surprised by the great picture quality. It's very easy to use with a simple menu. LCD screen can be difficult to see in the sun, and the zoom moves too fast, but those are common problems. The anti-shake is just post capture processing. A good camera for a non-photographer. Very happy with this camera at $149. from B&H. Problems: None

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