Pentax Optio A10

Announced Jan 3, 2006 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

By the criteria above it's tough to have this camera come out with a low star rating as quality, construction and ease of use are all great but still I want to give this a low star rating after my experience. I owned this camera for a day and just had to return it, the shutter lag on the camera makes it nearly impossible to use for a quick point and shoot camera. My wife picked it up because it was a failry good value and had 8MP, she assumed it must be much better than a 6MP which ...

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I’ve been using the Optio S4 for a couple years and I wanted to upgrade this ultra-compact camera to something new. Without doing much research, I bought the Pentax A10. The A10 is larger than the Optio S4, but I was interested in having the Shake Reduction component. What I liked about the A10: (Positives) • Nice, clear 2.5” LCD screen • Intuitive controls • Small size (though larger than the Altoid tin sized Optio S4) Problems: What I didn’t like: • Photo noise: this is to be expected ...

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