Pentax Optio A10

Announced Jan 3, 2006 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

Bought this camera to take out and about when I didn't want to carry DSLR around. Returned it the next day and exchanged for a Canon SD600 (much better camera in every respect). Should have read the reviews.... The A10 must be designed by a marketing team (not engineers) Problems: Shutter lag is ridiculously long Takes forever between shots LCD screen impossible to use in daylight (no otical VF) Movie mode very jerky

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By the criteria above it's tough to have this camera come out with a low star rating as quality, construction and ease of use are all great but still I want to give this a low star rating after my experience. I owned this camera for a day and just had to return it, the shutter lag on the camera makes it nearly impossible to use for a quick point and shoot camera. My wife picked it up because it was a failry good value and had 8MP, she assumed it must be much better than a 6MP which ...

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Edward Nicholl

I bought the A10 to act as a backup for my Canon EOS 300D, and to be able to take shots of flowers and plants, - especially using the macro facility. I general, the camera has proved to be a pleasure to use and some of the images taken have easily been up to the standard achievable using the Canon (in my humble opinion). Having said that, the landscapes taken using this camera haven't been of the quality which I expect with the Canon, but they are still more than acceptable. I have taken the ...

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I’ve been using the Optio S4 for a couple years and I wanted to upgrade this ultra-compact camera to something new. Without doing much research, I bought the Pentax A10. The A10 is larger than the Optio S4, but I was interested in having the Shake Reduction component. What I liked about the A10: (Positives) • Nice, clear 2.5” LCD screen • Intuitive controls • Small size (though larger than the Altoid tin sized Optio S4) Problems: What I didn’t like: • Photo noise: this is to be expected ...

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