Pentax Optio 555

Announced Sep 3, 2003 •
5 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 38 – 188 mm (5×)
Mark LV

Overall, an excellent camera as far as image quality and features are concerned. Build quality is not so good though, and the camera feels vulnerable to shocks. The camera is expensive - whether you should buy it depends on how important the 5X zoom is to you. It's also not a recommended camera for beginners and can be fiddly to use at times. I would rather go for a Kodak, even if that means sacrificing some image quality. Problems: (1) It is impossible to switch the camera on without the ...

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Glenn Butler

I have a question. I bought the 550 and found that it was a great problem with a few flaws. So I returned it. I am hoping that the 555 is better. My problems were... 1) It could not focus quickly or deal well in low light situations (like my older Sony did). 2) The noise was really bad (again in indoor and low light). 3) The lens bent any straight lines at the edge of the photo (some is OK, but this camera was bad). Is the 555 any better in these areas? I loved the 550 otherwise... Thanks, ...

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The camera was great fun with an easy to follow instruction manual. The longer battery life is helpful. Picture quality is superb. Video quality and sound is so-so. Software is functional, but nothing more. Problems: Lenscap is brittle and can very easily break. Mine did! I mailed it to Pentax in Boulder for repairs. They have now had it for3 weeks and the camera has not been entered into their 'system. I.e. it is sitting in a mailroom somewhere. There is nothing you can do as soon as they ...

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