Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH7 (Lumix DMC-FS22 / Lumix DMC-FS22)

Announced May 12, 2011 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 112 mm (4×)
dpreview conclusion

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH7 is a well-made, easy to use camera which is capable of delivering great pictures with a minimum of fuss. Image quality is very good in optimal conditions, but even when the light gets low, the FH7 can deliver acceptable results.

Good for

Grab and social shots, and carry-everywhere photography, where a long zoom or manual control aren't necessary.

Not so good for

Anything more critical, where the FH7's relatively low detail resolution at high ISOs, or restricted manual control, might be problematic.

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Build quality
Ergonomics & handling
Exposure and focus accuracy
Image quality (jpeg)
Flash performance
Low light / high ISO performance
Performance (speed)
Movie / video mode
Other reviews
Panasonic Lumix FS22 review
By: Matt Golowczynski, What Digital Camera (Jul 12, 2011)

On the whole, the FS22 produces pleasing images and the lack of buttons around the back allows for a good-sized display, but the touchscreen can be awkward to operate and the menu system isn't always the most helpful. With over 16MP on its small sensor the camera's issues with image noise also come as little surprise. A decent compact that'll be all the more worthy of purchase once the price...

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