Olympus E-510 (EVOLT E-510)

Announced Mar 5, 2007 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | Four Thirds sensor
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Olympus E-510 review
By: WDC Team, What Digital Camera (Sep 3, 2007)

In-camera image stabilisation and dust-reduction figure prominently on most enthusiasts DSLR shopping lists, but all too often we see one without the other, or we get a weak compromise. With the Olympus E-510 we're getting both of these things and, more importantly, they both work. On top of that, you're able to turn the rear LCD on and use the camera like a compact (albeit with manual focus),...

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Olympus E-510 (EVOLT E-510) review

The Olympus E-510 is arguably the most feature-packed DSLR in its class, ticking almost every box on the wish-lists of new DSLR buyers. You get 10 Megapixels in a relatively light and compact form factor, the option of one or two decent kit lenses, and the triple whammy of built-in anti-shake, anti-dust and Live View capabilities, not to mention easy access to a wide variety of settings....

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