Nikon 1 J1

Announced Sep 21, 2011 •
10 megapixels | 3 screen | 1″ sensor

Image detail = Very good in good light, up to ISO 400 Lenses = Very good, very sharp, fast focusing, compact and light weight Focusing = Excellent in daylight (PDAF), average in in average to low light (CDAF). Bokeh = Poor Subject Isolation= Non-existant DoF Control = Non-existant ISO Noise = very noisy above ISO 400 Metering= Excellent WB= Excellent Burst Rate = Excellent Write times = Excellent FPS= Excellent Video = Very good Menu= Poor User Interface = Poor Built-in Flash = Very poor Acce ...

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Its really hard to rate this camera, I used it for few hours, while it has neat software tricks in firmware it lacks in everything else. Marginally better then some higher end compacts, worse then enthusiast compacts, much worse then most of its competition in mirrorless camera world. Its simply not worth the effort, if you want a better camera, products from Olympus and and Panasonic are much better in mirrorless format. Problems: Poor Image quality, tiny sensor, minimal bokeh

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Janez Sturm

First off all, I’m serious user of Nikon equipment for quite long time from F90x and F100 to D90/D700 nowadays. Also I have been user of Coolpix from 5400 to S70. I have looked for camera smaller than D700, whit good optics and especially responsiveness of AF and shutter. I had opportunities to test it on Nikon day parallel with other current cameras. But I didn’t make decision. My eyes pointed V1 but later I spotted so much chipper J1 that I can’t left in the store. After almost two months ...

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Philip Young

I bought this Nikon J1 to play with after seeing the Nikon Commercials on how fast it focus and the video capability performance. The video is sharp and the photos are acceptable. The auto-focus is indeed extremely fast, very fast. It has some really nice features such as the smart snapshot mode and the multiple snapshot best-picture modes. It could be a 4.5-star, but I gave it a 3.5-star because in the Auto-Mode, the shutter speed that the camera selects when indoors or low light is way ...

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A lot of discussion about this camera, mainly from folks who haven't actually used it and don't care for what the specs sheet says. I own this camera and purchased it after MUCH frustration and research. I have been capturing images for over 35 years and have owned everything from medium format twin-lens reflex to professional Nikons with fantastic prime glass, to cheesy compacts. Most recently, I've owned a Sony NEX-5 - good camera (even if the menus drove me crazy), but wanted better ...

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