Nikon D300S

Announced Jul 30, 2009 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
dpreview conclusion

A relatively minor upgrade to one of the defining cameras of the semi-pro sector adds a useful HD video mode and a wealth of minor improvements that improve the already excellent handling. Although the D300S has stronger competition than its predecessor, it still manages to impress, as do the images it produces.

Good for

Pretty much anything from landscapes to sports

Not so good for

Serious movie making

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Build quality
Ergonomics & handling
Metering & focus accuracy
Image quality (raw)
Image quality (jpeg)
Low light / high ISO performance
Viewfinder / screen rating
Movie / video mode
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Nikon D300s review
By: Matt Golowczynski, What Digital Camera (Nov 2, 2009)

The fact that the D300s is so similar to the original D300 really is testament to how highly specified the original model already was. Many of the changes Nikon has made seem more as justifications for bringing out a new model, rather than the result of any focus groups or market demand. This isn't to say that the changes in themselves aren't useful, but perhaps Nikon didn't consider the few...

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Nikon D300S review

The Nikon D300s is a powerful semi-pro DSLR which builds upon the already highly capable D300. In use the camera exudes confidence with superb build quality and handling. Whatever you’re shooting, the D300s feels utterly at ease, whether working in a studio, grabbing portraits of kids in constant motion, or capturing fast action in challenging conditions. Like its predecessor the build...

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