Nikon Coolpix S800c

Announced Aug 22, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 3.5 screen | 25 – 250 mm (10×)
dpreview conclusion

The Nikon S800c is an interesting hybrid of connected mobile device and traditional compact camera. The end result is a capable, but far from inspiring product which offers a lot of potential but not without some frustrations. Battery life is very poor, responsiveness isn't what we've come to expect (Android's 30 second startup time doesn't help) and image quality is only so-so.

Good for

The connected photographer will love having almost all of the functionality of a modern smartphone, attached to a much better lens and sensor.

Not so good for

Anything where you need endurance or critical image quality. The connectivity options are great, but overall, the sluggish S800c feels like a compromise.

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Build quality
Ergonomics & handling
Exposure and focus accuracy
Image quality (jpeg)
Flash performance
Low light / high ISO performance
Performance (speed)
Movie / video mode
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DCRP Review: Nikon Coolpix S800c
By: Jeff Keller, Digital Camera Resource Page (Dec 31, 2012)

The Nikon Coolpix S800c was the first Android-powered camera, and perhaps gives us a peek at what cameras will look like in the future. Sharing and editing photos is easier than on almost any camera, save for Samsung's 4G-equipped Galaxy Camera (which also sports a more modern version of Android and a larger display). That said, Nikon has quite a bit of work to do before I can recommend this...

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