HP Photosmart R717

Announced Feb 18, 2005 •
6 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 39 – 117 mm (3×)

Bought this camera in Aug. 2005 at the HP online store because it had quite good reviews and the "value for money" seemed to be excelent. The picture quality is very good, haven't experienced any problems there. Battery life is not that great, being on vacation I charged the batteries almost every day so I don't run out of power when I need it... After taking a picture with flash it takes a few seconds until the camera is ready for the next shoot. Problems: Two problems with the camera. A ...

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its wonderfull for a light weight and every day use camera but 1st it requires some tweeking with the lighting and the sharpness to produce realy good images,also the adptive lighting option is realy great,just for others to notice, dont use the the default setting , you have to tweek the setting a little bit to get best quality and the save it as (my mode)... realy nice. Problems: 1. it takes sometimes realy long time for expousre processing and writing images to memory which waste alot of ...

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Pros and Cons: Bought this camera due to rave reviews about its adaptive lighting feature and overall ease of use. The adaptive lighting really works, and I found it difficult to duplicate the results with other cameras using Photoshop (although outdoor shots were easier to match). It's at its strongest in indoor flash pictures, where the lighting in the image is nice and even compared to the dark backgrounds you get with other cameras. In outdoor shots, the difference is not as stark, ...

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