FujiFilm FinePix S6000fd (FinePix S6500fd)

Announced Jul 13, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 300 mm (10.7×)
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Hi y'all, Haven't posted in a very long time, but read the Fuji forum daily. I have a question for you experienced Fuji users and owners of many models. My current camera is the Fuji S6000fd, but without IS, I can't get a decent image without my monopod. I've been waiting for a new Fuji bridge that features IS and the manual operation for zoom. I don't have hope the Fuji is going in that direction. The new Canon PowerShot G3 X seems like a good bridge style.  My question is "What Fuji model...
My old S6000 has recently been overexposing shots on every setting except when using the flash.  I've checked the +/- exposure setting, and have even RESET the camera from the menu a couple of times. I have not used this camera very much in the past year or so.  It seems to be at least 3-4 stops over.  What could this be..?  Is there a super-secret Factory Reset I can try..? Here's an example.  Simple shot of house in full AUTO mode.  Totally blown out exposure. --Larry at home in...
By: Dex (Aug 19, 2013)
Hello, Has anyone any comparaison shots of S6500fd vs HS50EXR to compare image IQ (Landscape, portrait) ?. I've the s6500 since 2007, still working except that the internal battery is dead since years. I was looking at the HS50EXR to replace it (better AF, longer zoom) but having read threads on DPR (and one comparing IQ of the HS50 to a sony xxx of the age of my S6500 where the sony was the winner), seems that from the IQ perpective the HS50 is not at the level of bridge cameras that were...
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