Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

Apple released a number of software updates yesterday including iOS 9.2. In addition to a large number of bug fixes, the update adds iPhone support for the company's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, making it possible now to transfer images directly from a camera to your iPhone. Previously, only iPads were supported.

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iOS 9.2 is available now via Settings > General > Software Update. The Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is available through Apple’s website for $29 USD. This adapter is joined by the newly introduced and similarly styled Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, which is also priced at $29 USD. It supports use with iPhone 5 and newer in addition to many iPad models, and will be able to take advantage of USB 3.0 transfer speeds when used with the iPad Pro.

While this is all great news for photographers who want to quickly transfer photos to a phone, it's likely that Apple's file handling hasn't changed with the update - meaning you can transfer a Raw file from camera to mobile device, but you can only manipulate an associated JPEG.