Adobe has announced that Lightroom Mobile - first released for the iPad back in April, is now available for the Apple iPhone. Available for owners of Lightroom 5 for desktop, Lightroom Mobile essentially allows you to work on images on an Apple iPad or iPhone and sync adjustments between mobile and desktop versions of the software.

Speaking to press, an Adobe representative explained the creation of Lightroom Mobile by saying 'we need to be where our customers want to be'. Available on the iPad since April, Lightroom mobile incorporates the essentials of the desktop version of the software, including support for Raw images and a suite of editing tools which will be largely familiar to existing users of Lightroom 5 on desktop. If you own the desktop version of Lightroom, all edits made to images in Lightroom Mobile are synced to Lightroom 5 on your desktop, via Adobe's Creative Cloud.

The version of Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and iPad are identical in terms of functionality, and Adobe has added several new features to version 1.1 including the ability to add star ratings to images, and view and sort images in any (custom) order. If you create a custom sort order this will be automatically synced via Creative Cloud to the desktop version of Lightroom.

Press release:

Adobe Lightroom mobile

Now you can take Lightroom® anywhere and extend your workflow beyond the desktop - access, edit, organize, and share images from anywhere.

Edit and organize images anywhere, anytime, on your iPad or iPhone (new with the June 2014 release). Enhance everything from smartphone photos to raw images from DLSR cameras using powerful and familiar tools. Automatically sync all your mobile edits with Lightroom 5 on your desktop. Easily share all of your photos to social media sites. With Adobe Lightroom mobile, your photography is going places.

Top features of Lightroom mobile

Lightroom mobile consists of three components: Lightroom for iPad and iPhone, Lightroom 5 for desktop, and the Lightroom mobile service in Creative Cloud, which handles sync between Lightroom on your mobile devices and Lightroom 5 on your desktop.

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