Gridding apps like Pic Stich can combine images to create a new, collaged, composition.

Sometimes, one photo just isn't enough. Events, meals and selfie sessions can leave mobile photographers with dozens of images. Instead of bombarding social media with multiple posts, it's sometimes best to combine the photos to create a single image that tells a larger story in a grid. We looked at the most popular apps for creating collage compositions, picked out a few trends and highlighted the best apps for the job.

A simple composition like this is perfect for a digital mosaic.
Mosaic Creator for iOS used photos from my Camera Roll to replicate my original image as a mosaic.

Marvelous Mosaic Apps

Digital photo mosaics have been around for over 20 years. The first one was created by Kodak for a TV commercial in the early 90s. (A great autobiographical article on its development can be read here.) Now, apps automatically create photo mosaics in seconds. Most apps will use photos from your smartphone gallery to mimic the color and shading of your chosen photo. Some will allow you to pick photos from internet search results or social media sites, while others include album art from your music library as well.

Mosaic Creator: iOS, Mosaicture: Android, Project Mosaic: Windows Phone 8

Crafty Mobile Scrapbooking

Everybody! Scrapbooking is a free purikura-meets-Martha Stewart app for Android.
The app can be used to create tasteful layouts from scratch or you can choose from wild templates.

Leave the Mod Podge at home. With scrapbooking apps, you can frame your photos with flare and without glue. Digital scrapbooking requires precision that is hard to achieve on a smartphone, so many scrapbooking apps are tablet only. But if you have the time and enjoy perfecting details, you can find some apps that will give your smartphone photo displays a homemade feel.

Everybody! Scrapbooking: Android, Pic Collage: Android and iOS, Scrappad; iOS (iPad Only)

Simple Gridding Apps

KD Collage for Android frames multiple photos in simple grids but can also change the color and texture of the frame, and add stickers and text. 

When all that you want is a clean line, there is no need to mess around with the apps that can make your photos look like they're on a doily. Every major mobile operating system has apps for easy geometric grids. One app, Pic Stich, has an offering for each: iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. While Pic Stich is a good staple for any mobile photographer, other choices go above and beyond with ornate borders, sticker details or even video functions.

Fotor: Windows Phone 8, PicPlayPost: iOS, KD Collage: iOS

Artsy apps for abstract collages

Fuzel for iOS allows for text overlays as well as customizable grids.
Mosaicam does not allow for the upload of previously taken photos, instead, you build your grid live.

Simple apps are great to have, but sometimes you need to get funky. The iOS App Store, in particular seems to have a surplus of radical collage applications. Some of our favorites allow users to capture a new mosaic in real time, build a unique grid to fit any photos, or apply filters and edits to individual photos within cells.

Fuzel: iOS, Diptic: iOS and Android,  Mosaicam: iOS