Professional and amateur photo editors alike use Operation Photo Rescue to help disaster victims repair damaged images.

When homes are damaged, often the most important items cannot be replaced. For victims of fire, floods and other natural disasters, family photos are among the worst things to lose. Operation Photo Rescue brings together victims with professional photo editors to turn damaged images back into clear memories.

Operation Photo Rescue volunteers restore damaged images. All photos go through a quality control screening before being reprinted and sent to the victim for free.

Operation Photo Rescue was started after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf of Mexico in 2005. Since then, the organization has repaired more than 9,000 photos, providing free restoration of photos damaged by natural disasters. After Hurricane Sandy, Operation Photo Rescue set up a scanning station in Seaside Heights — an area that saw a lot of damage — and allowed families to submit up to 20 photos each.

If damaged photos are not recovered quickly after a disaster, they can corrode very fast. Operation Photo Rescue receives images with varying levels of damage and does their best to repair them.

After yesterday's devastating tornado in Oklahoma, people around the United States are donating time and money to help the victims. For photography professionals who want to volunteer to help those who lost precious family photos in any natural disaster, Operation Photo Rescue is asking for Photoshop experts to spend time fixing damaged photos. If you are interested in repairing photos with Operation Photo Rescue, fill out their volunteer application here.