What size should your socially shared photos be? A new infographic offers answers.

The cautious photographer is always conscious of what's happening to their images when they're being shared online — whether they're being resized, recompressed or otherwise modified from the original. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter all treat their images differently, and to get the most of them, one must plan ahead to accommodate their various sizes and processes.

It'd be a huge pain to collect and track all that information yourself — but luckily, LunaMetrics has done it for you! Their new massively useful cheat sheet shows the pixel dimensions of just about every component on the major social networking sites. If you want your photos to look their best on your LinkedIn page or when reposting to Twitter, you might want to print this out and keep it by your desk.

For instance, a super-basic tip for people setting up a Facebook page for their photo business would be to make sure their cover photos are exactly 851 by 315 pixels — but for their LinkedIn page, the "Careers" category photo should be 974 by 238. Otherwise, you run the risk of having the photo cropped in an unflattering way, or worse, automatically resized — and who knows what filter and jpeg quality level they're using?

You don't have to remember everything by heart, though. Try setting up a simple script through Automator or another batch processing program that takes a source photo and outputs five or six different versions, each optimized for a different service. Square it off for Instagram, make sure it's a nice multiple of 222 pixels wide for Pinterest, and so on.

It's up to date now, but little tweaks to layouts and sizes on the social networks may happen without warning, so be on the lookout. The graphical version of the cheat sheet can be downloaded at LunaMetrics, and there's a text one you can copy or search as well.