We have seen a number of smartphone-controlled camera trigger devices enter the market in the last three years or so and it seems we will soon have another, very feature-rich, option if the CamsFormer Kickstarter campaign is successful. Given it has already reached almost 75% of its $7000 funding goal at 57 days to go we can assume it will be.

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CamsFormer plugs into the USB and cable release port of your camera or flash and is controlled wirelessly from a smartphone and tablet. It can trigger up to two cameras and two flashes using built-in sensors and allows you to remotely view and change a range of shooting parameters on your camera. You can also view the camera's live view image on your smart device, use time-lapse and intervalometer functions and even use a scripting-language to program your own customized triggering rules.

The CamsFormer mobile app offers a plethora of trigger settings.

Built in sensors include light, laser, lightening, sound, and motion and you can expand the feature set by attaching a range of external sensors, such as temperature, pressure, touch or ultrasonic. In addition CamsFormer is capable of wirelessly controlling a motorized 3-axis pan, tilt, zoom head, allowing you to move your camera remotely or via a scripted procedure.

Smartphones or tablets are connected to CamsFormer via the latter's own Wi-Fi network, so no Wi-Fi or wireless connection has to be available at your shooting location. Shipping is expected to start in June 2015 and backing options start at $149. Have a look at the project's Kickstarter page for further info and a video that shows the CamsFormer in use.

The device is also capable of controlling motorized 3-axis heads.
This sample image was captured using the sound sensor.

Source: Kickstarter