Google's Project Tango phone will be capable of generating 3D-maps of its surroundings.

We recently reported on Project Tango, an initiative within Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) that looks at 3D-mapping of spaces with smartphones. In practice, this means Tango devices could have the ability to 3D-scan their surroundings and use the captured data to generate 3D-maps, virtual environments or even game scenarios. You could measure the dimensions of your home before you go out furniture shopping, navigate the interior of buildings or see the exact location of a product on its shelf in a store, all on your smartphone. 

The issue tracker item details the Tango phone's camera specifications.

Google is planning to distribute an early prototype device to developers, and today some additional detail about the phone's camera specification was revealed. discovered Project Tango on the Google Chrome issue tracker. Developers are planning to add support for the Tango phone to Google's Chrome browser and the issue tracker item lists some of the device's specification. It says it will feature a standard 4MP color backside camera,  a 180-degree field of view fisheye camera,  a 320×180@5Hz depth camera  and a front camera with a 120-degree field of view, which according to the item, is similar to the field of view of the human eye. 

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We already knew from the previous announcement that the Tango phone has a 5-inch screen, is running Android and is capable of tracking its full 3D motion and simultaneously creating a map of its surroundings. The sensors in the phone capture over a quarter million 3D measurements per second and the device's position and orientation is updated in real-time and the data combined into a 3D-model.