The Gyro-Pod SP1 is designed for smartphone use.

As usual Jobo has a good range of smartphone accessories on show but this year the two new Gymbal models are the obvious highlight. The Gyro-Pod SP is designed for use with smartphones and uses a brushless AC motor to keep your device steady. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack which will keep it working for approximately 2.5 hours. A control switch on the handle allows you to tilt the camera up or down. 

The Gyro-Pod SP1 retails for 250 Euros (approximately US$325) and looks like a solid contender in the smartphone gymbal space. If you prefer recording movies with a compact camera rather than smartphone you should have a closer look at the bigger Gyro-Pod MD1. It works in the same way as its smaller sister model but can hold up to 750 grams but at 700 Euros (approximately US$900) is significantly more expensive.

Smart Lenses attach magnetically to the device.
The Jobo Smart Shutter is a Bluetooth remote trigger.

Other interesting mobile photography accessories include Jobo's range of "Smart Lenses" which attach to most smartphones via a magnetic ring that is attached around the lens. Macro, 2x tele and fisheye lenses are made from anodized aluminium and available in various colors. The Smart Shutter is one more Bluetooth remote control for the smartphone and lets you trigger your camera from a distance of up to 20m.