According to a report from BusinessWeekly Taiwan, Apple's rumored dual camera technology for an upcoming iPhone is getting closer to becoming a reality. Rumors regarding the development of a dual camera system have been circulating for some time, fueled by discovery of various patents, as well as a report from tech journalist John Gruber claiming to have heard from an insider of the technology's development.

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This latest report hails Apple’s recent acquisition of LinX as the solution to problems thus far encountered with the new technology. The article states that Apple has been working on the dual-lens technology for three years, but until recently has been hindered by a number of issues, including image blur and supplier inadequacies.

LinX’s processing technologies may have solved those blurring problems, and Apple is said to have found a supplier for the components that is able to meet its production demands.  Past rumors have indicated the iPhone 6s would receive the new dual-lens cameras, but given the model’s impending arrival, it seems more likely we’ll see the technology — assuming the rumors prove true — arriving with the iPhone 7 instead.