Photojournalist and iPhoneographer Ben Lowy is known for his work in conflict zones and has been awarded the World Press Photo, the Magnum Foundation Emergency fund and the ICP Infinity Award for Photojournalism. ©Benjamin Lowy

EyeEm is asking photojournalist Ben Lowy, famous for being one of the first to take mobile photography to mass media, everything we've always wanted to know about his work. 

In an interview being published on the social photo sharing service's blog simultaneously with this post (the folks at EyeEm were kind enough to let us get a sneak peek), Lowy, who recently began sharing his images via EyeEm, offers insight into his photography, journalism's changing landscape and his penchant for the iPhone.

In the interview Lowy gives reasons for using his iPhone, especially in conflict zones when he's reporting, which you may have heard before: "it was anonymous, it wasn’t particularly heavy, it didn’t get in the way of being intimate with a potential subject. And it was fast, I could just pull the phone out of my pocket and take a picture as things were happening in front of me."

But he also explains the broader implications of this choice:  

"More than that, it produced images in a visual style that people weren’t used to seeing. That is important to me. There is so much information out there these days, and its very hard to capture the attention of a – for the most part – apathetic public. By showing important images of a war or social issue to people using a unique aesthetic, I believe I can capture their attention and shine a light on some of these stories."

You can read EyeEm's full interview with Lowy and see more of his images here