iOS 7.1 has been officially released and is available now for all iPads except the first-generation, and all iPhone models from the iPhone 4 onwards. As well as various bug fixes (iPhone 4 users will be pleased to note that Apple claims iOS 7.1 will be significantly more usable on their phones) iOS 7.1 also brings design tweaks and support for Apple's 'CarPlay'. 

From a photographic point of view the only major change in iOS 7.1 is a new 'auto' HDR mode for the flagship iPhone 5S. This makes the phone's HDR high dynamic range mode automatic depending on the shooting situation. Although it's a small change, auto HDR mode is a nice addition to the iPhone 5S's feature set. We haven't been able to try it out meaningfully yet, but we'll update this story when we get a sense of how well the system works. 

Until then, check out our full review of the iPhone 5S's camera, if you haven't already.