The built-in LED flash units in smartphones tend to be very low-powered and only really useful at close subject-distances. If you are serious about your flash photography, using an external light source is a good idea. Lume Cube has announced a new option for low light photographers. The Lume Cube device measures 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) and uses three LEDs to generate up to 1500 lumens. Thanks to its silicone shell it is water resistant and a 1/4-inch thread makes it mountable on a tripod or other camera support. Additionally, it can be attached to most surfaces magnetically or using a suction-cup. 

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Lume Cube is controlled via an Android or iOS smartphone app and also works with GoPro Hero action cams as a flash or video light. For extra power and control up to five units can be synced and controlled individually using the app. An optical sensor allows for use as a slave flash. Lume Cube promises a battery life of approximately two hours, and a full charge via USB takes one hour.

The Lume Cube is currently in prototype status and its makers are running a crowd-funding campaign to finance manufacture of the first batch. The device is available in several colors and you'll have to pledge $59 for a single limited edition unit. A dual kit will set you back $99 and for $249 you can bag yourself the quad kit. More information can be found on the Lume Cube website, to see further pledging options and to pre-order head to the project's Kickstarter page.

Lume Cube is controlled via an iOS or Android smartphone app.
Lume Cube comes in a range of colors.
The device can be mounted on a tripod.
Lume Cube allows for flash lighting at an angle as demonstrated in this selfie.