Luxi promises more accurate light meter readings with its diffusion dome.

While several apps promise to turn your smartphone into a light meter digitally, Luxi takes the idea one step futher by adding a diffusion dome that, along with an app, aims to make for a more accurate incident light meter. 

Like a professional incident light meter, Luxi is designed to more accurately measure lighting for an entire scene, rather than just reflected light. Readings can be used to set up your smartphone shot or to set the shutter speed and aperture on your DSLR. 

Expected to retail for $24.95 USD, Luxi could make for a very affordable light meter.

Accessory maker Extrasensory Devices, or ESD, is currently collecting support for Luxi via Kickstarter

Luxi is designed for the iPhone 4/4S and 5; an Android version is not anticipated. It is expected to  retail for $24.95 USD. Kickstarter backers can still catch a deal by pledging $17, which will entitle them to an iPhone 4/4S version. The accessory could start shipping to Kickstarter backers as early as May.

ESD claims Luxi will work with existing light meter apps that use the front-facing camera -- though we'd be concerned that any light absorbed by the diffuser would affect the readings. Supporting our concerns, Luxi developers are working with the makers of the Pocket Light Meter app to create a Luxi mode within the app specifically designed to work with the accessory.