Due to a combination of wide angle lenses and limited close-focusing capabilities, most smartphone cameras seriously struggle when it comes to macro photography. A wide-range of accessory macro attachment lenses is available, but many of them are device specific and can be bulky enough to discourage you from carrying them around.

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Now the makers of the 150x Micro Phone Lens microscope attachment have come up with an ultra-portable and very affordable solution that is compatible with virtually all smartphone cameras and uses the same stick-on concept as the Micro Phone Lens. The MPL Macro is available in both 4x and 8x magnification versions and made from a soft plastic that is optically similar to glass but scratch-proof. The material also sticks to your lens without any adhesives. The MPL Macro comes in a plastic case about the size of a coin and, according to its makers, is extremely durable. 

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been set up to fund mass-production of the lenses and has already reached its goal. Delivery is expected in December and you can pre-order the macro attachments at $12 for one or $21 for the pair which is a discount over the envisaged retail price. Looking at the sample pictures we have posted below you should not expect too much but given the low price and portability these lenses could still be an interesting accessory to play with. For a video of the lenses in action and further information visit the MPL Macro Kickstarter page.