All eyes will be on Google at this week's I/O conference.

'Tis the season for giant developer conferences. While some are waiting for Apple's WWDC in June, this week's Google I/O conference has the attention of both Android programmers and fans. Before the doors open to the main event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the tech blogosphere is buzzing about what to expect.

A new focus on Android gaming

Google may be looking to compete with iOS' Game Center with a new service called Google Play Games. According to some leaks found over the weekend, Google Play Games will have multiplayer functionality and leaderboards to encourage competition between friends (presumably through Google Plus).

Fresh Nexus devices

After the release of new phones from Samsung, HTC and Sony, cautious Android customers are waiting to see what Google will offer before making their new smartphone decision. Google's Nexus line appeals to Android purists who don't care for the bells and whistles (and sometimes bloatware) that can come with a non-Google Android phone. The Nexus line comes with stock Android is always quick to receive updates as they are released.

A new 32GB Nexus 4 smartphone is expected to be released this week with LTE. You can also look for the announcement of a new 7-inch Nexus tablet. However, it looks as if we won't see the much rumored Motorola X-Phone.

Google Glass explained

Last year's I/O saw the dramatic skydiving introduction of Google Glass to the world. Now that the device is in the hands of developers, some tech journalists want Google to use I/O as a stage to tell the world how Glass can and should be used on a mass consumer level. (We can only hope that Google asks developers to stop making creepy apps for the device.)

Android update unclear

What will the new Android look like? While some people are looking for a huge jump in Google's mobile platform (think Android 5.0), most are expecting a smaller update to Jelly Bean (maybe Android 4.3). In an interview with Wired, Google's Sundar Pichai gave some insight into the direction Google's operating systems—both Chrome and Android—and discussed everything from Faceboook to Samsung.

What will Google I/O give Android photographers?

The Android photography rumor mill has been more or less quiet about Google I/O. (They might be too distracted by a still unconfirmed Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom device.) A rumored messaging tool called Babel might improve private photo sharing on Android and any new Android update will almost certainly effect the camera application. We will be standing by to update you as news comes out of Google I/O.