Associated press photographer David Guttenfelder's Instagram reveals life inside North Korea.

North Korea has been slow to allow its residents to use the technology that defines everyday life in most of the world. Last week, the notoriously secretive country started to allow foreigners  to freely use a 3G mobile network from inside North Korean borders. This means that tourists and visiting professionals alike are now Tweeting and Instagramming from Pyongyang. Locals, on the other hand, still have limited access. 

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The photos coming out of North Korea since the restrictions were lifted are a revealing insight into a nation that is completely unknown to most foreigners. Instagram's function as a spontaneous image sharing platform allows visitors to share their North Korean experience as it happens - presenting a raw feed of images that have not had the chance to be framed in the context of reflection.

The most notable Instagrammers in North Korea are Associated Press journalists Jean Lee and David Guttenfelder. Since news of North Korea's change of 3G policy, their Instagram accounts have been featured on NPR and promoted by Instagram in its blog. Sharing photos under the hashtags #pyongyang, #drnk, and #northkorea, the journalists have presented life inside North Korea. We rounded up 10 of our favorites from the feeds of Lee (@newsjean) and Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder).

1. Syncronized skater perform for a not-so packed arena

The seats in this stadium are relatively vacant, though that can be said of most ice shows in the US as well.

2. Colorful propoganda posters stand out in a grey winter

Commuters dressed in all black walk by colorful posters on a grey day.

3. Traffic cop in blue and fur on a Pyongyang street

What North Korea lacks in civil liberties, it seems to make up for in fabulous police uniforms.

4. A newlywed couple bows to statues of late leaders

North Korean brides wear bright colors on their wedding day.

5. Babies and nurses in a hospital

Guttenfelder's visit to a Pyongyang hospital revealed life in the maternity ward.

6. The display of a dress shop

The style of ladies' clothing is reminiscent of "Mad Men" fashion in the US.

7. The bleak winter countryside north of Pyongyang

The photos currently coming out of North Korea are blanketed in a grey fog from the winter weather.

8. Model rockets near an escalator

This display was put up to honor the late Kim Jong Il as well as North Korea's rocket launch.

9. People bring brooms to sweep monuments of leaders

Mansu Hill features large statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

10. Boys play with Guttenfeilder's camera

With Mansu Hill's statues in the background, a young boy plays with one of Guttenfelder's cameras.