Photos taken with the The Hyetis Crossbow watch's 41-megapixel camera can be sent to an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 8 smartphone via wi-fi, Bluetooth, or near field communication (NFC).

Are you bored with your smartphone camera but wearing a camera on your face just a little too weird? Lucky for you, Swiss company Hyetis has created a 41-megapixel wristwatch.

At $1,200, the Crossbow smartwatch is $300 cheaper than the beta release of Google Glass. Hyetis's smartwatch sends photos taken on the watch to an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 8 smartphone through the watch's wi-fi, Bluetooth, or near field communication (NFC) connectivity. 

A front-facing view of the camera shows its ring-flash—a feature that has not yet appeared on a smartphone camera.

From Hyetis' typo-ridden website:

High resolution camera sensor with 41 mega-pixel is integrated in Crossbow with an optical zoom lens with integrated ring flash. A high resolution microphone with selective noise suppresion [sic] device delivers in conjunction with the camera, breathtaking picture experience. With the integrated communication center device, pictures and videos can be instantly shared via your smartphone. Enviromenmental [sic] sensors allows to record informations like: GPS position, Temperetaure [sic], Altitude, Depth, Biometric information and more.

The Crossbow smartwatch, like other smartwatches already on the market, will also act as a notification center for connected smartphones.

Not yet available for preorder, Hyetis promises that the Crossbow will be made with only the best titanium, ceramic, and "state of the art mobile media technology sensors."