New display technologies often have the problem that, due to a lack of cameras that support the new format, there is very little content available for them. Virtual reality (VR) headsets, such as the Oculus Rift or recently announced Samsung Gear VR are no different. Think Tank Team, a research division of Samsung, is now looking to mitigate the problem with the help of Project Beyond, a camera that captures 360 degree images and video footage that can be viewed on the Gear VR. 

Project Beyond is still in the prototype stage, however Samsung is already taking a few working units around to locations in the US to capture them and make them virtually accessible to Gear VR users. No detailed specifications for Project Beyond have been released yet but the device is recording its images with a total of 17 full-HD cameras, 8 stereoscopic pairs around the edges are capturing 45 degree angles each and there is one top-facing unit. Project Beyond can capture 3D still panoramas, record video and even stream live video. A single frame measures 35MP and is composed using 3D-aware stitching technology which, according to Samsung, captures the scene in way just like the human eye would.

It will probably be a while before the Project Beyond camera is available in the market but if you want to see the 3D images and videos the prototypes have captured, you will be able to bag a Gear VR headset for $200 soon. For more information on Project Beyond visit the project website