Kevin Kuster spent 2013 documenting 40 weddings in one day with his iPhone on Ilin Island in the Philippines. One of his first photos of 2014 was of this art piece in Wisconsin. "My New Years resolution for 2014 is to be more inclusive with my mobile photography," Kuster said, claiming that he wanted to branch out and try other brands. (Image from Kuster's Instagram)

It's a new year and time for New Year's resolutions.

For some people, that means hitting the gym. For others, it might be learning a new skill or quitting a bad habit. Photographers often use the start of the year as a chance to start a 365 project or branch out into a new style. The App Whisperer asked some skilled mobile photographers to share their goals for 2014. We've picked out a few of our favorites from the list, and added a couple of our own.

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Allie Astell loves meeting new people and capturing their personality with her iPhone. (Photo from her Flickr.)

Allie Astell

My resolution for 2014 is to take a lot more portraits of the people I find interesting in the street or in my life. I’ve realised that telling a story with a single image is one of my favourite things, so I’d like to perfect that technique. Of course this would mean I need to meet a lot more characters, so for me 2014 will be about getting out there and being brave enough to talk to absolutely anyone who appeals to my photographic eye. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

Paul Brown does in depth tutorials on how to use apps to edit your mobile photos on Read the tutorial on this image here.

Paul Brown

My resolutions this year are to simplify and explore different styles. I often record and then blog my workflows and when I look back through 2013 I’m struck by how many apps I use in some workflows. I’m a fan of ‘app-stacking’ because I like my images to have my signature rather than that of an app. This year my 2 goals are (i) to minimise the apps I use in each workflow whilst still maintaining my own style, and (ii) to explore new styles – abstract and macro via the Olloclip 4 in 1 Santa kindly brought me’.

You may recognize this hand. Lars Rehm is a DPReview Connect contributor.

Lars Rehm

I test cameras, smartphones and accessories for a living and get to take pictures with many different devices. However, I often have to focus on a specific feature or aspect of image quality rather than the framing and composition of an image and I feel the quality of my photography has been suffering because of that. So my resolution for 2014 is to spend more time focusing on the creative process, without technology in the back of my head, and capture some images that I’ll enjoy looking at for years to come.

Petyr Campos

I don’t typically make resolutions for myself, but here are some goals I have for the coming year as it pertains to mobile photography.

I plan on attending more music concerts. My goal is to discover and develop effective techniques for shooting concerts with the iPhone under challenging lighting conditions. The use of the olloclip zoom lens should allow me to get closer to my subjects.

Another is to study the work of other photographers, particularly mobile photographers more intently. To appreciate their work and to better understand their techniques, color palettes, composition and how they effectively use them to create their artwork.

My third and final resolution is to develop more conceptual work. I want to challenge myself to think differently as an artist and create images that are unique and thought provoking. Understanding the full use of Apps such as Leonardo, PhotoCopier, Deco Sketch and Tangled FX should hopefully help me accomplish this goal

Pirmin Follmi

1. I’ll finish my sixth book project. A virtual tour over a wooden bridge in my hometown.

2. Meet people who loves mobile photography (instawalk etc.)

3. Involve myself more into the mobile community which is not always easy because of the language barrier.

Lauren Crabbe

My goal for 2014 is to keep things simple. To minimize my use of filters and instead focus on the beauty of the natural light and composition. (But I still won't be able to resist testing the coolest new apps for DPReview.)

Let's hear from you: Do you have any photography-specific New Year's resolutions this year?