A recent report from InfoTrends, a market research firm specializing in digital imaging, indicates that — among those surveyed — a built-in camera is the second most important feature when selecting a phone. Of course, it’s near impossible to find a new mobile phone without a camera, but it’s interesting to note that an embedded camera was bested in this survey only by the phone’s brand. InfoTrends's research shows 92 percent of mobile phones are being used to take photos.

While a smartphone megapixel war hasn't reached the same heights as the now almost non-existent pixel wars of digital cameras, we were surprised to see that “camera resolution” ranked relatively high on features that influenced mobile phone purchase decisions. This, of course, is assuming that InfoTrends' respondents aren't as photo savvy as DPReview Connect's readers.

InfoTrends further notes that “Since nearly all mobile phones have embedded cameras, consumers will be turning their attention to features that enhance the photo and video experience.” Carrie Sylvester, consultant for the company’s Consumer Services, suggests that both digital camera and mobile phone manufacturers should incorporate their own branded photo apps or ensure that current popular apps are supported. 

Having an embedded camera ranked second and camera resolution came in eighth in InfoTrends' survey about the features that most influence mobile phone purchase decisions.

Given the proliferation of mobile photo apps and digital cameras’ wireless connectivity via manufacturer-branded apps such as Canon’s CameraWindow and Sony’s PlayMemories, it seems like smartphone and traditional camera vendors have already moved in that direction.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. What features influence your purchase of a smartphone? What’s on your wish list for smartphone photo features?