“Don’t coming with you, not yet!!!” by Aylin Argun. Using B&W Lab, Snapseed and ArtRage apps.

Instagram is full of self-portraits, or "selfies," as they're affectionately known, but often these quick snapshots of ourselves have about as much artistic value as that poorly lit photo of last night's dinner. 

Turkish mobile artist Aylin Argun takes the art of the iPhone self-portrait to a new level when she turns her smartphone on herself. 

Using a variety of apps, Argun, who uses the handle xxfromneptune, shoots and edits exclusively on her iPhone 4. The results are often haunting black and white portraits with an artistic bent. 

You can read more about Argun and her work in an interview with The App Whisperer. 

“Invisible Walls” by Aylin Argun using Camera+, Grunge, ArtRage and Snapseed apps.
“Back to Black” by Aylin Argun using Camera+, Snapseed and ArtRage apps.
“I Will Not Obey” by Aylin Argun using Camera+ and Image Blender apps.