We already told you about Autographer on dpreview.com, and now it looks like there's another wearable camera designed to document your life by snapping photos as you go about your day.

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Memoto, from a Swedish company of the same name, is a GPS-equipped camera that automatically captures two 5MP geotagged photos a minute.  Memoto's built-in accelerometer ensures pictures are turned to the correct orientation. 

Once connected to a computer, the device will begin uploading all images to the Memoto Web Service. Apps for both iPhone and Android allow you to access the stored images in timeline format searchable by time, date, place and even lighting conditions, with easy sharing functionality to social networks.

And though the Autographer is expected to be available by next month, Memoto is aiming for early 2013 and is still gathering funding through Kickstarter. Kickstarter backers of $199 or more are promised a camera and one-year Memoto Web Service subscription. 

We'd like to hear your thoughts: Would you try a wearable camera? Are you ready for 'lifelogging'?