LUUV is a Berlin-based start-up that is aiming to produce and market a camera stabilizer for smartphones and actions cams, such as the GoPro. There is an abundance of similar devices available already but LUUV's design is unique because it allows for upside-down filming at very close proximity to the ground. Its developers also promise easy control with your thumb and index finger, and a quick balance setup for the capture device you are using.

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It's also worth mentioning that the LUUV device is a 3D-printed product. Current prototypes are made on smaller printers but production will be shifted to industrial-strength 3D-printers once the designers are content with the final product.

Today LUUV has started an Indiegogo campaign to fund its ventures. Backers can pre-order a LUUV for $199 which is a $150 discount compared to the final retail price. Other backing options are available as well, including a video-shoot with your LUUV in Berlin for $1,900. 

Via: Techcrunch