Olloclip's removable circular polarizing filter is bundled with the telephoto lens. The CPL also fits the fisheye lens and, with the bundled filter adapter, the macro lens. 

Today at the consumer electronics showcase in New York City known as CE Week, Olloclip presented its new telephoto lens and circular polarizing filter. Like its three-in-one lens accessory, the telephoto gadget snaps on to your iPhone (4/4S/5) or iPod Touch (4th/5th generations).

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The all-glass, coated lens is comprised of four elements and offers twice the magnification of the iPhone lens. Digital zoom can be utilized while the lens is attached for an increased telephoto reach.

A circular polarizing filter is included in the bundle, so it can be used directly on the Olloclip fisheye lens and, with the bundled step-down adapter, on the macro lens as well. Olloclip has no plans, at this time, to sell the circular polarizing filter as a separate accessory but we think that outdoor photographers could make good use of a CPL to cut down on haze and reflections.

The telephoto lens kit, which comes with the telephoto lens, step down filter adapter, circular polarizing filter and cap will be available beginning next month for $100.

Sorry, Android users, Olloclip remains Apple only — at least for now. When queried about an Android version at today's launch, Olloclip CEO Patrick O'Neill quipped, "We're not going to say no to Android." On the other hand, he didn't (or couldn't?) say that there were any plans for Android Olloclip lenses at this time.  

We had a chance to play with the new Olloclip telephoto lens earlier today. In our sample image above, you'll see its 2x magnification in effect.
For comparison, the same scene shot with the naked lens of an iPhone 4S.