Battery life is still one of the most obvious weaknesses of smartphones and many devices, even high-end models, will struggle to get through an entire day of normal use without charging. Apple's iPhones are no exception, which is why there is an abundance of aftermarket battery packs and cases available for the range, but until today no Apple-branded battery expansion had been available.

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The first Apple-branded battery pack accessory is available in black and white and is compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6s. Apple says it increases the phone's talk time from 14 to 25 hours, and boosts Internet usage time using LTE from 10 to 18 hours. With the case connected to your phone, the lock screen shows the combined battery status of phone and case.

On the downside, the case makes the iPhone 6/s look rather bulky and at $99 it's more expensive than many third-party options with similar specifications. However, for those users who don't want to dilute the Apple experience with a third-party battery case, it is currently the only option. The case is available now in the US and New Zealand and expected to come to other regions soon.

Source: Apple