The verdict

The speed improvements the Android 4.4.1 update brings to the Nexus 5 relieve some of the most painful speed-related pinch-points in the camera app. Although it doesn’t turn the camera into a speed demon, it brings it more or less into line with what a mobile photographer would expect in 2013.

The camera now prioritizes higher shutter speeds over lower ISOs, which makes motion blur when shooting people less of a problem. The flip side is that low-light still scenes don’t benefit as much from the low shutter speeds that optical image stabilization allows.

Overall, the update is a welcome improvement, and makes the temptingly-priced Nexus 5 more appealing to mobile photographers shopping off-contract.

We've updated our review to reflect our results with the newest version of the software. You can also see more examples of the new software in action below in our sample image gallery. 

Sample gallery

There are 9 images in our Google Nexus 5 Android 4.4.1 software update samples gallery. You'll notice a couple of duplicate images: the first image of the duo demonstrates the software before the update, the second demonstrates the software after the update.

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