Tablets can be an important tool in a photographer's workflow.

The next Apple event is expected to be on October 22nd. While not much is known about the upcoming press conference, tech experts and insiders are claiming that we will see the next iPad as well as the commercial release of the new cylindrical Mac Pro that was announced at WWDC. 

For photographers, the next iPad is expected to have a better camera (maybe the same 8MP imaging unit as the iPhone 5S) and a faster processor. Experts are also predicting that the next iPad will be thinner and if a new iPad Mini is announced, it will have a retina display.

An official invitation will likely be sent out soon, and if Apple follows its previous pattern, the invites will be packed with plenty of symbolism and hints to keep tech journalists guessing.

If the iPad event ends up to be on October 22nd, it will raise some eyebrows amongst the tech community. The date is already hosting the Microsoft Surface release and the Nokia World conference.

According to rumors, Nokia is set to release its own tablets on the 22nd–including the much-hyped Lumia 1520. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Surface 2 tablet will hit the shelves on the 22nd. If Apple does end up making announcements on October 22nd, many will see it as an attempt to take the spotlight away from its competitors.