So how do you get your cool new Instavids onto your website?

As Instagram's new video functionality took off so did the need to embed those videos into blogs and websites. At least three sites (and we're sure more will start popping up) now offer quick, easy — and free — methods of generating Instagram embed codes for videos. All you have to do is paste the Instagram URL into a box, and click the generate button get an embed code.

Two of the sites use the same "Embed Instagram" name but have different URLs.

The first Embed Instagram generates embed codes for photos and videos. It also works with shortened URLs, such as those from The URL will automatically be expanded before the code is generated. The default media size is the same as Instagram at 612 x 612 pixels. Although the site indicates that the media can be resized, we didn't see any options to indicate size before generating the code. HTML5 is used for the video embeds, so it will be compatible with most mobile devices and new browsers. The site indicates that all you need is a JavaScript enabled browser to generate the code.

The second Embed Instagram works basically the same way except you can manually select videos or photos, pre-select the size (640 x 640, 320 x 320 or custom) and, for videos, choose whether to use HTML5 or flash for non-HTML5 pages.

InstaEmbed generates embed code for videos only. But you have options to choose HTML5 or flash, as well as media size (640 x 640 or 320 x 320). It's probably best to try all three to see which one works best for your blog or website.

The first Embed Instagram mentioned above, generates embed code for both photos and videos.
Also named Embed Instagram, this version offers more options than the other including preselecting media size and choosing HTML5 or flash for video embed codes.
The third option, InstaEmbed, generates code for embedding videos only but does offer two size options and the choice between HTML5 and flash.