Readers' Showcase: Scott Matthews
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Readers' Showcase: Scott Matthews

Stepped Nighttime Long Exposure, 2013. Photo by Scott Matthews

Are there any photo projects or challenges you’re looking to tackle in the new year?

I'm going to keep waking up way too early -- so one challenge I face is how to keep the routine of looking out the same windows day-after-day interesting. For example, recently I've become interested in reflected light. So one challenge will be to keep finding something new and special within the mundane.

Another thing I think about: apart from the pleasure I get from making and sharing photos, what is the long-term point of all this effort? What happens to all this work? Can it remain useful? So I also want to get a bit closer to having a plan -- perhaps simply making a box of prints for my daughter -- or perhaps finding local institutions to submit photos to. Overall, to keep having fun!