Readers' Showcase: Scott Matthews
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Readers' Showcase: Scott Matthews

Striated Sunrise, 2015. Photo by Scott Matthews

What’s the best piece of advice you received when you were a beginner?

The DPReview forums have been tremendously helpful in getting me up to speed, and I continue to learn here every day.

In the very beginning it was useful to understand the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, ISO -- and how they relate to focal length/field-of-view. It was also super-useful to start shooting RAW (I initially wrongly thought RAW was simply like an uncompressed JPG) -- and to use an application to manage and batch process photos (I wound up using Lightroom).

Also, as much as there is to learn from more-experienced people, you also have to trust your own instinct -- sometimes your instinct will be at odds with what other people are telling you. Some established 'rules' are there for good reason, but plenty of great work comes from setting aside established rules. Ultimately, trust your gut.